The Tourist Development Council

The Duval County Tourist Development Council (TDC) is the governing body that oversees the collection and distribution of the local-option tourist development tax authorized to counties by Florida Statutes.

The Tourist Development Council (TDC) is appointed by the City Council President. It consists of nine members; three city council members, three hotel operators/owners, and three hospitality industry representatives. The City Council President is the chairman of the TDC.

Committee Members:

  Council President Gregory B. Anderson    
  Lori N. Boyer,  Elected Official    
  Garrett L. Dennis,  Elected Official    
  Burnell L. Goldman, Accommodation    
  Barbara Goodman, Tourist Industry    
  Carnace M.G.Orender, Tourist Industry    
  Kirit K. Patidar, Accommodation    
  Craig F. Smith, Tourist Industry    
  Jeffrey Truhlar, Accommodation

Contact Staff:

Kyle S. Billy (Auditor)
(904) 630-1625

Annette R. Hastings (Executive Director)
(904) 630-7625

James R. McCain (General Counsel)
(904) 630-7130

Paul Astleford  (Visit Jacksonville Representative)
(904) 798-9111

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