Sip & Savor Jax: Jacksonville Restaurant Week

For the first time ever, Jacksonville will have a city-wide Restaurant Week! Pencil in your calendars for Sip & Savor Jax: Jacksonville Restaurant Week September 14-27, 2015 .

Are you hungry for a new delicious experience? Bite into Jax this September during Sip & Savor Jax: Jacksonville Restaurant Week-- the newest foodie event to Northeast Florida. Prepare your tastebuds for a 14 day food exploration to discover the best local fare in Jacksonville.

Jacksonville’s food scene is an eclectic hybrid of inspired casual elegance and classic southern comfort, infused with the flavors of the coast and a dash of international flair. You will find everything from down-home fish camps serving classic comfort foods to elegant bistros that offer the very finest of fine dining.With a thriving culinary culture pioneered by local chefs that have been nationally and internationally trained, Sip & Savor Jax will highlight all of the exciting culinary experiences in our city. No other Florida city has more unique flavors than Jacksonville, so plan a trip for the senses in Jax this September and get a taste for them all!


In The Sip & Savor Jax Section

  • How To Sip & Savor Jax

    How To Sip & Savor Jax

    Take a food adventure through Jacksonville with these four easy steps. No matter your price point you'll easily find something to fill your tummy without emptying your wallet.

  • Partcipating Restaurants

    Partcipating Restaurants

    Decide which three-course prix-fixe menu(s) are going to satisfy your craving for lunch, dinner or both!

  • Liquid Diet Options

    Liquid Diet Options

    Sip your way through Sip & Savor Jax, check out which bars and breweries will be featuring a specialty cocktail or draft beer unique to Jacksonville Restaurant Week!

  • Follow The Food

    Follow The Food

    Stay in the know on what to eat, where to go and what to drink by following Sip & Savor Jax on social media or posting to the hashtag #sipandsavorjax!


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