Meet Visit Jax Ambassador: Kelly Rich

A relative newcomer to Jax from Louisiana, I moved to take the Executive Director position at Springfield Preservation and Revitalization in 2018, wearing multiple hats but basically being a cheerleader for the best neighborhood around. A huge advocate for local art and history, I love to lead bike tours of the Urban Core which usually include slow speeds and plenty of food and drink. You can usually find me on my front porch of my little bungalow hidden in a quiet alley of Historic Springfield with my furry best friend, Lucy, on my lap.

1. What do you love most about Jacksonville?

All the water within reach. Beach, river, springs. Everything is within an hour or so and there’s no off-season here in FL.

2. What is one thing you tell a visitor that they must see/do when in Jax?

Walk the Main Street bridge at night. One of my favorite things to show first-timers.

3. Where is your favorite local spot to eat?

Anywhere in Springfield. We have over 10 different options for food and drink and they are owned by some of the best people around. Don’t make me choose!!

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