Meet Visit Jax Ambassador: Wilson Haynes

I have lived in Jacksonville for 15 years now. I started doing photography almost three years ago and in the past year was able to work on professional jobs varying from portrait to sporting events. Next to photography my other passion is the ocean and any sport or way to be involved with it. I like to surf and free dive and using my photography with them to promote conservation. I think being able to have access to great beaches and waterways in Jax is incredible and I love being able to take advantage of that.

1. What do you love most about Jacksonville?

What I love most about Jax is being so close to many different beaches and waterways that are great for hanging with friends, exploring, or doing different activities!

2. What is one thing you tell a visitor that they must see/do when in Jax?

If I were to tell someone visiting Jax one thing it would be check out the beaches by biking around so you can see it all.

3. Where is your favorite local spot to eat?

My favorite spot to eat is Als Pizza!

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