Best Watersports: Paddle Boarding

Catching waves, sunrays, and sights all on a paddleboard. Come say ‘SUP’ in the Jacksonville. You’ll have a blast!

Paddle boarding, also known as SUP, is a great alternative to surfing if the waves aren’t big. Small waves and calm seas mean you can paddle out anywhere on the beach! The slower pace of SUP is a perfect Segway to experience the best watersports our amazing town has to offer.

Don’t worry if you aren’t experienced. There are great places/shops that offer rentals for gear and lessons to help you get out on the water. Jacksonville has plenty to offer when it comes to paddle boarding adventures. Here are a few spots we recommend trying for rentals and tours.

There is also a more in-depth paddle boarding rental and tour list and brief intro on the watersport here. This list includes 20+ businesses to help people interested in paddle boarding.