Calling all First Time Surfers

Jax is the Perfect Place to Learn to Surf!

You’ve seen the videos… the perfect wave, the perfect surfer, it looks so flawless and so easy. They just glide through the ocean. Now it is finally your turn to try! Your chance to become one with the ocean and ride the waves into the sunset. But… can you even stand up on a surf board? Stress not my wave-challenged friend, Jacksonville, with its calm but consistent surf, is the best spot in Florida to learn how to surf!


Jacksonville has several surfing schools and surfing lessons perfect for both the young and the young at heart. Atlantic Beach, one of Jacksonville’s most beautiful beaches, is listed as a prime spot for beginners by Coastal Living.


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After you have chosen a lesson or rented a board, head to the sand. It’s easier here to get started with miles of white sandy beaches to practice your pop ups. Find a wide stance sideways on your board. Remember, the bigger the board the more you will float so a foam board is always a great option for your first lesson. Lay down on the board, practice your paddle and pop up quickly. You have to land balanced with both feet planted on the board, one in front of the other, facing the front with your hips open to the side (picture going from a plank to a Warrior 2 in yoga terms). Once you have practiced on sand a few times, it is time to hit the water!


When you are ready to dive into Jacksonville’s waters, the gentle rolling waves will help you find that sweet spot on your board, and our beach break will guarantee a gentle and soft landing if you wipe out! Wait for a good wave, paddle ahead of it and try to stand up on your board when you feel the wave roll under you. Trust me, it is easier than it sounds and once you land your first wave you will feel like the Big Kahuna! Keep riding waves until you find your rhythm. You can spot dolphins in our beaches, and surfing is a great way to connect with the ocean and its beautiful creatures.

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