Guest Blog Information and Guidelines

Interested in being a guest blogger? Check out the below information.

Our site is full of guest blogs and third-party content featuring the best things to do, eat and see in Jax.

If you have an idea for a blog or think we’re missing a great #onlyinjax spot, please reach out to Andrea Mestdagh at Before reaching out, review the guidelines we follow when considering guest blogs:

The details

  • Submissions must meet Visit Jacksonville quality standards to be published.
  • Each blog is posted at the discretion of Visit Jacksonville.
  • Visit Jacksonville reserves the right to edit and adapt guest blog content as we see fit, and update it as needed for accuracy.
  • Visit Jacksonville reserves the right to use guest blog author’s likeness across our content, including but not limited to social media channels.
  • The blog cannot be republished/posted to your own blog, or another 3rd party site such as LinkedIn or Medium.
  • Please share your Visit Jacksonville guest blog on your social media.

Guest blog specifics

The content of a guest blog must highlight Jacksonville through an exciting and positive lens, inspiring people to travel. Additionally:

  • Content should be relevant specifically to out-of-town visitors coming to Jacksonville.
  • Content must feature local, unique places to go and hyperlinks to relevant businesses.
  • It must be approximately 500 words with casual, easy to read structure and proper grammar.
  • Write in first-person.
  • Photos and videos are always a plus.

That’s a no

Content we can’t accept includes:

  • What’s been covered on our blog before. Please search the site before submitting your idea and/or article.
  • Articles that may be construed as a link-building scheme.
  • Offensive or inaccurate statements and/or articles.
  • Articles that are negative and/or critical.
First and last name
Please provide information about you. Be sure to include why you want to write about this topic and why you're an expert on it.