Horseback Riding in the 7 Creeks Recreation Area

Looking for trails to explore on Horseback? 7 Creeks offers miles of natural preserve trails.

7 Creeks Recreation Area should be on your list for exploration via horse. Surrounded by nature preserves, parks and water, this area is an ideal spot to experience new parks and you can do it year-round. Plan your trip soon!

Betz Tiger Point Preserve

The preserve is set among all the beautiful scenery that a saltwater marsh has to offer. Unlike regular marshes, Betz Tiger Point has stunning scenic views and abundant saltwater wildlife. The preserve is home to miles of hiking trails and trails that are accessible to not only hikers and bikers, and horseback riders as well.

Cedar Point Preserve

The preserve is home to many beautiful hardwoods, Florida wildlife, and miles worth of trails that give visitors the most beautiful views of the saltwater marsh. The trails at the preserve are accessible to both hikers and horseback riders.

Pumpkin Hill Creek Preserve

The preserve is located within Duval and protects one of the largest areas of coastal uplands in the county. They have over 16 miles worth of trails that hikers, off-road bicyclists, and horseback riders can explore while being surrounded by beautiful Floridian scenery and wildlife.

Sal Taylor Preserve

The preserve contains some of the most heavily used trails, among all the parks, by equestrians. The preserve is part of the 406 acres of the Sal Property that was bought in 2001 by the City of Jacksonville. The preserve is accessible to hikers, kayakers, and horseback riders who can enjoy views of forest areas, swamps, blackwater streams, and wildflowers, that the preserve is known for, along the way.

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