Jacksonville Light Boat Parade 2020: Where Should I Park?

Get ready to see Christmas 2020 done up JAX style!

Jacksonville Light Boat Parade Parking

Excited about this year's Jacksonville Light Boat Parade? So am I! Each year the city of Jacksonville and its participants put on an amazing light show of holiday festivities on the St. Johns River. The event starts at 6:00 PM on November 28, 2020. Brightly lit boats decorated in all colors of Christmas lights and fun holiday themes will coast along the river, followed up with a large fireworks display around 9 PM to commemorate the evening.But you’ll want to get there a bit early to find great parking.

Ready to go? This article will show you the best places to park and where to get the best views of the parade and fireworks!

Jacksonville Light Boat Parade Route

Parking for the parade can either be on the North Bank or the South Bank of the St. Johns River. There are lots of parking lots that are right along the river, just along the parade route.

According to the Jacksonville light parade website, the parade route will begin at the Hyatt Regency Riverfront Hotel and follow the North Bank Riverfront to the Fuller Warren bridge. At that point, the boats will then cross over to South Bank and follow along the Southbank Riverwalk back up to the Duval County School Board building.

Jacksonville Light Boat Parade: Northbank Riverwalk Parking & Viewing

1. Terra Parking Lot

The Terra Park Lot is not right on the river, but pretty close - only about a block away. If you plan to be there during the duration of the event, from 6:30-9, and want to get there a little early (I estimated 5:30 PM) to get a good seat, plan 4 hours at this garage. With rates based on the ½ hour, a 4-hour stay would cost you $15, BUT Terra caps the rate at $10 for daily parking.

Can you reserve online? Yes. Make a parking reservation for Terra Park Lot.

Rate: Current estimated rate for 4 hours is $10.

Address: 317 Water St, Jacksonville, FL 32202

Terra Park Lot Reservation

2. Other Event Parking Sites

If you can’t get parking in the Terra Lot, you may want to check out these potential alternates. While we can’t confirm parking will be available there, some of these areas may be free to park or offer event parking on the night of the parade.

  • Parking near Corkscrew Park
  • Parking at 1 Riverside Ave (the Editorial Library)
  • Member of the YMCA? How about 207 Riverside Ave at Winston Family YMCA
  • Riverside Arts Market Parking - posts on Tripadvisor say that many of the businesses near the Arts Market close for weekend and allow free parking on their lots
Riverside Arts Market Parking

Jacksonville Light Boat Parade: Southbank Riverwalk Parking and Viewing

1. Acosta Bridge Parking

There wasn’t much to find on the interwebs to indicate a fee for parking here…. so, fingers crossed it’s free! And right by the Acosta Bridge, just perfect for the fireworks!

Can you reserve online? Not that I can see.

Rate: None posted online.

Address: 841 Prudential Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32207 (Address for Aetna Riverfront Weddings and Events - the closest address I could find)

Acosta Bridge Parking

2. Riverplace Tower Garage

Riverplace Tower Garage could be a great covered parking option if they have space available. Unfortunately, only monthly passholders can reserve online.

Can you reserve online? No. Contact Laz Parking with questions about Riverplace Tower Garage.

Rate: According to DowntownJacksonville.org, the rate is $1.25/hour

Address: 1301 Riverplace Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL 32207

3. Wyndham JAX Riverwalk

This space looks free, but is also listed as “restricted use” on ParkMe.com. I’m not sure why, but from what I can see, there are lots of parking opportunities around it if the lot becomes full.

Can you reserve online? No

Rate: According to ParkMe.com, the rate is FREE, but space is listed as “Restricted Use”

Address: 294 Wharfside Way, Jacksonville, FL 32207

Jacksonville Landing Parking Lot

Where you park on Northbank or Southbank, there is ample parking along the Riverwalk for the Jacksonville Light Boat Parade, even if you have engage Google satellite to find it!

If I missed any parking that you think should be on this list, reach out and let me know!

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