Jacksonville Sharks Football Fan Experience

If you have football on your mind all year round, don’t miss out on hitting up one of the Jacksonville Sharks home games!

Play Ball: The Jacksonville Sharks

Since 2017, The Jacksonville Sharks have been rocking the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena. It’s a fun event that always gets crowds cheering on the team and you’ll be feeling the frenzy of Sharks feeding time the second you step into the arena.

As an avid Sharks fan (on land only), I’ve created this guide to getting the most out of your fan experience. I love indoor football for the year-long great weather and getting my football fix in the NFL offseason! It’s a super fun event to do with your friends and family, and it’s affordable! With the money I save rooting on the Sharks, I like to grab a beer to compliment the game. Which brings me to my first tip: Hit up “That Bar at the Arena!”

Head to "That Bar"

That Bar” is a perfect place to cool down and grab some grub before the event. The food, drinks and staff are great – without being overpriced! The food was great and the atmosphere is perfect for keeping your sports hype up. I’m a personal fan of keeping it traditional on game days and enjoy a nice light beer and some fried foods. “That Bar” totally hits the spot.

After I'm totally stuffed, I head to my seat at the arena. The great thing about the Sharks is they have so many options for seating, some of which are the best in the house! My favorite is the “Shark Pit,” which brings you as close as possible to all the action. The pit is the first four rows of the lower bowl sidelines and the first row of the lower bowl end zones. The action gets really wild here and it's almost impossible to ignore it!

Go in a Group

Another great option, if you’re thinking about doing something special, is getting a group together and going in on a “Party Deck,” (for 25-150 people). This awesome package allows your group to enjoy an all-you-can-eat-buffet in your own personal party zone. It’s located just off the main concourse level, so you’ll also get great views while living the high life.

If your party isn’t huge but you still want a deal, the Shark also offers a “Family Four Pack” (for up to 8 people at $20 per person). You’ll get four tickets, 4 hotdogs, 4 four cokes and 4 bags of chips for $80 bucks! It’s definitely a fun night out for the whole fam at a great price.

Once you get settled, it's time to root on the team. I get my rooting face on by doing a light face paint (keeping it classy with traditional black stripes) and donning a giant foam shark fin on my head. Now, for those that are a bit more subtle, a simple red jersey will do! It’s important to make sure the team sees their fans and knows they’ve got their backs so they’ve got the added faith to crush the competition. Everyone who enjoys sports knows a win is something the whole stadium participates in.

Halftime Show

At halftime, when you’re finally cooling off, the entertainment keeps going with the Jacksonville Sharks’ Attack Dance Team. These women keep the energy alive, even after stuffing your face so full of beer and snacks you feel like going into a food coma. A true cheer team keeps the audience hyped and these high energy dancers have got what it takes!

Now that you’ve been properly re-energized and have digested a little bit, it’s time to bring the team to the finish line. Grab another beer and let them know you’re out there! The Sharks rarely disappoint and this team doesn’t back down from a fight. Like actual sharks, these guys don’t leave any scrap of their dinner behind.

You're a New Fan

Now that you’re ready to experience your first Jacksonville Sharks game, it’s time to decide when! We personally like to go during our favorite theme nights especially – particularly “Shark-A-Rita-Ville” which is always fun! Head to the link before and find your next indoor football arena event!

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