Learn to Surf with the Perfect Technique

Surfing is a sport. Surfing is a lifestyle. Surfing is a passion. Surfing is a way to connect with nature, a way to make friends, to connect with your body and to become stronger.

There are many reasons why surfing is getting more and more popular through the years, and maybe you have your own reason why surfing attracts you. If you have always wanted to become a surfer, now is the perfect time! Follow these tips if you want to start surfing and have fun riding the waves at Jacksonville Beach today!

Find the perfect equipment

The first thing that you will need to start surfing is, of course, a surfboard! At the beginning it might feel overwhelming to choose a board when you don't know the difference between the different types and it is very important having in mind the length, width, thickness and even material of the surfboard.

Taking a surf lesson where equipment is included might be the best option, so you have an expert assisting you with the perfect size for you so you don't lose your time going through the endless options. Once you have tried surfing, and you are in love with it, you can start researching types of boards, trying different ones and after some time even buying your own one, but buying a surfboard before you don't even know how to surf doesn't make a lot of sense.

Wetsuits aren’t important in Jacksonville. Water can get a bit cold only in winter time. There are different thickness for different water temperatures and wetsuit size is significant as well. You will be fine with a 3/2 long wetsuit. We recommend you to listen to the expert advice when choosing a wetsuit if you have never surfed before.

Find the perfect surf instructor

As we mentioned, taking a surf lesson to start learning how to surf is a good idea for many reasons. First of all, your instructor will solve all your pre-surfing doubts and will help you to choose the equipment and the surf spot.

Once in the water, you will always have the instructor's support and you will feel safer, so you can focus just on the waves. Last but not least, your surf instructor will teach you the surfing technique and will provide you with the best tips which will make you improve your surfing skills way faster than if you are trying to learn by yourself as you might even struggle to find the perfect place to be waiting for the waves.

Find the perfect surf spot

Jacksonville beach is the best option for beginners because the waves are small and smooth. The white water has the perfect conditions to practice your pop-up and improve your surfing skills.

For your first surfing sessions it is always recommended to start on a beach break which is usually safer as you won't find reefs or rocks underwater. Also, it is important the energy of the waves, don't paddle out in huge swell days as it can be dangerous, and you can get caught by the currents if you don't have much surfing experience, and you don't know the spot well. Also, it is recommended to look for spacious beaches, so you have plenty of space for yourself, and you are not afraid of hitting the people when falling on the waves. Jacksonville’s spacious beaches make this possible for those beginners who want to connect with the ocean and become real surfers.

Find the perfect tribe

Sharing your surf sessions with a group of friends is so much fun! But surfing is also a great way to meet people! That's why surf lessons are excellent as you will be surfing with other surfers with the same level, and it's great to comment on the best waves of the session both inside and outside the water.

For safety reasons it is always recommended to surf with a buddy so if your friends hate surfing, try to find a surfer community, so you always have people to share your surfing sessions with. Sometimes conditions can be tough, or you don't feel focused, and it's great to have people supporting you in the water and motivating you to progress on the hard task of becoming a surfer!

Are you ready to become a surfer? Visit the HOKALI Marketplace and book a surf lesson in just a few clicks. First select the type of lesson, second pick your date, third choose your coach and four make a safe payment. Booking a surfing lesson has never been easier! See you in the water! Aloha!!

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