Maritime Life is Jacksonville’s History and Future

Marine life surrounds us here in Jacksonville and local universities and businesses are investing in taking care of it.

In 2017, Jacksonville University became the permanent home to Ocearch, the company tagging sharks and other ocean life in hopes of gathering more data and better understanding how the balance of the ocean can be re-established. This partnership gives marine science students an amazing opportunity to conduct firsthand research and learn the cutting-edge techniques Ocearch uses.

Ocearch choosing Jacksonville as their home puts our city on the cutting edge of the future marine discoveries. This partnership allows for great collaboration between a renowned sea laboratory and a respected marine educational institution.

“I am very excited for this new chapter for OCEARCH,” said OCEARCH Founding Chairman and Expedition Leader Chris Fischer, who will take on the role of Explorer in Residence at JU. “The vision for OCEARCH was always to institutionalize it so it could live beyond any one individual. This is the first step to having OCEARCH serve scientists, students, communities, the ocean and the planet in perpetuity.”

Under the new collaboration, the City of Jacksonville is also investing in the efforts. Ocearch will soon have a permanent dock and home in historic Mayport for their 126-foot long vessel. The city passed legislation this year to lease the land to JU and Ocearch. Dock construction is currently under way and it’s expected that in the next few years will be ready to be used. In the future they plan to add a shark center where visitors can plug into the latest white shark research.

Check back for future updates on Ocearch and Jacksonville University’s research efforts.

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