PorchFest Welcomes Pups Of All Sizes To Have A Doggone Good Time

Just how dog-friendly is PorchFest? A local pup provides some insight.

I just overheard my humans making plans for this weekend, and I can’t stop wagging. They said it’s finally time for PoochFest! It’s my favorite day of the year. My people call it PorchFest. Mainly it’s one huge music festival held on the front porches of Historic Springfield. But this year, on Saturday, November 9, 2019, from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m., it might as well be called PoochFest thanks to some doggone awesome additions.

My humans always leash me up and take me with them to PorchFest, and there’s so much to see. There are new people everywhere — they’re singing and making music on all the front porches, eating (and dropping, my favorite) delicious foods from brightly colored trucks, and giving me lots of pets when they walk by. I love lounging on a picnic blanket in Klutho Park while my people have their lunch. They always share a few bites with me. I love them. And we usually see lots of my friends there sitting with their families. From tiny dogs in strollers to dogs way bigger than me, everyone is welcome.

Photo Credit: Debra Heuskin Photograhy

And oh my dog, the thing I’m most excited about this year: a whole Dog Zone, sponsored by my favorite place to play, Kanine Social! If we follow the paw prints to 3rd Street, a whole canine extravaganza is said to be waiting. I can almost smell it now.

I’m so excited to try some food made by Pet Wants! They’re coming from Jacksonville Beach to share some delicious small-batch kibbles loaded with salmon, chicken, lamb, brown rice, and more. I’m already drooling. My favorite local dog store, Bark on Main, will be onsite too! They have the best toys, dog-friendly baked goods, and accessories. They also carry these teeth cleaning sets, which I don’t like, but my human sure loves to use on me. Maybe we can talk about that while they’re there. I hear there’s even going to be treat and water stations! We’ll definitely make a few stops there. I better practice my begging eyes in advance.

Photo Credit: Debra Heuskin Photograhy

I love living in Springfield. I get to go on walks past houses with hundreds of years of smells, through our green parks full of squirrels and geese to bark at, and into many of our local businesses! But PoochFest is definitely the best day of the year for dogs to visit our neighborhood. Maybe I’ll get to sniff some new rears and make some new friends this year!

For more information about PorchFest and this year’s performers, visit www.jacksonvilleporchfest.org. Smell you there!

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