Someone gave me a gun?!?!?

I love trying new things - why not clay shooting?

I’m always up for a new adventure and in the current era of groupon and livingsocial deals I no longer have any kind of excuse not to try something new! So why not grab a shotgun and shoot at moving targets? That could be cool! So I tried Clay Shooting for the first time at Amelia Shotgun Sports in Yulee. At first I was so nervous thinking of how bad I would be (for those of you who don’t know me I’m just a tad competitive).

To make me even more nervous my shooting partner, my fiancé Dave, who had done this before, told me about his previous experience and how he barely hit anything the first time around. He mentioned running to the targets competition style and I was pretty much freaking out. Much to my surprise when we arrived it was at a very laid back easy environment. After traveling down the half dirt/half asphalt road, we were greeted by the owner who said with a laugh, “you’ll are going to make me get up aren’t you?” from his chair on the front porch. We all laughed and he set us up, giving some basic instructions and sent us off. With a little further assistance at our first target we were ready to go.

Dave of course hit the first target making thoughts of me missing all 50 shots dance in my head. But guess what? It wasn’t that bad! I eventually got the hang of it and was hitting the clay discs like an old pro – er, well maybe like someone who had done this once or twice before! We stopped at five stations with pigeons at various trajectories and heights and had ten shots at each station. The whole course was about a mile and in the end I was actually victorious! I had such a great time and we plan to go back soon, it was affordable and fun. We got to move at our own pace and do it all on our own – which I think made it really fun.

Let me know if you’d like to come along next time!

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