Summer Fishing

Hello Anglers! Summer has been here for quite a while in N.E. Florida. Most of you don't really care what month the calendar says. As a fisherman, I call it summer when the Spanish Mackerel show up at the inlet. And that happened back in May!

I always believe in "show me" more than just words. (No, I'm not from Missouri!) That's why I'm always going to provide you with plenty of photos and video's of my past trips. And examples of what to expect as a charter client.

If you're at home and checking out what Jacksonville has to offer by exploring Visit Jacksonville's website. Then, now is when you want to book your charter fishing adventure. Need a list, click here.

NO, you don't have to be a pro, or even a novice to enjoy a day on the water in high pursuit of a angling adventure in Jacksonville. But reserving a spot ahead of time is mandatory and highly suggested. I continually educate people that a month, or even two weeks, is not an uncommon booking window. The more opportunity you have to do some "homework," the more educated you'll be before planning your day on the water. Oops, was the word "homework" a dirty word? It shouldn't be. Because you'll enjoy my website and my daily fishing reports that I do "for you." You'll get to see exactly what you'll be doing, the boat you'll be on, and get to meet me ahead of time....sort of.

Summer weather is hot, in Florida. That's why we'll depart early. And be finished up by the afternoon.

I have a saying about the deep summer fishing season, "No one ever calls me in the summer and asks, can we go catch some 12" fish...?" So with that said, Summer=BIG FISH. From jumping Blacktip Sharks while chasing local Shrimp boats, to Bull Redfish in the river and at the inlet. You'll definitely want to, "eat your wheaties" before your charter, aboard the JETTYWOLF.

Check out the video's by clicking the fish names above and view my photos below. I know you'll enjoy.

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