Plan A Fall Fishing Trip in Jacksonville

Fall is the perfect time for a Jacksonville, Florida inshore fishing trip. Read Captain Dave Sipler's tips for a fun and successful fall fishing trip!

Fall is the perfect time to explore our waterways. Did you know Jacksonville has more interior shoreline than any other place in the country? Which means, it’s time to break out the tackle box and cast a line.

November through January are some of the best months for inshore fishing. How do we define inshore in Jacksonville? Basically anything but the beach is inshore, so that includes the St. Johns River, Intracoastal Waterway, and Inlets. Here in Jax, the locals have a saying that goes like this: “inshore fishing = good fish to eat.”

Here are a few fish you can expect to pull up this fall: Redfish, Seatrout, Sheepshead, Blackdrum and Flounder---all of which are delicious for the ultimate fish fry.

To plan your next fishing trip, we have a few tips for you from Capt. Dave Sipler, our Local Expert:

Tips for Fall Fishing in Jacksonville

  • For the best catches, fish closer to area inlets during the months of November through January.
  • The prized "inshore glory species" are all going to be closer to inlets in the winter, and further away from the inlets in the summer.
  • Because fall is a transitional weather time, it's best to plan more than one day of fishing while you're here.

If you are looking to dive into the offshore waters, you literally can do just that in Jacksonville. There are over 20 reefs located within the area and over 40 within Northeast Florida. During the fall and winter months you will encounter leatherback turtles, mola mola (sunfish), and right whales by Jacksonville's reefs. One more tip: If you are a spear fisher, then plan your trip for the winter months as targeted species are more abundant during that time.

Visiting from out of town? Don't worry about a boat, you can rent one once you're here or book a charter! Drop us a line, ask your questions on our "Ask a Local" section!

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