Top 5 Adventures In Jacksonville

When in Jacksonville, experience the never-ending adventures that await.

Traveling to new places is all about losing yourself in the adventures of the journey. The experiences often act as a lesson and transform your personality for good. Some fancy the tranquility that the mountains offer, while others crave adventures by the sea-shore. For all the beach lovers out there, Jacksonville is a top-notch destination. Filled with beautiful sunsets and adventures that give you an adrenaline rush, this place is a must-visit for fulfilling beach side dreams.

Fishing Near The Inshore Waters

If there’s one popular place for its fishing spree, then that is Jacksonville, Florida. The city offers fishing all year long due to the diversity of its waters. Both the warm as well as cold waters boast the presence of a unique underwater world. For all the fishing enthusiasts, there’s always a new fish to catch in the Floridian Water Bodies. If you are a first time fisherman, you can easily find the local experts and boats. Not only will they tell share the best spots to reel in a big one, but will also provide reliable knowledge regarding bait-catching and casting a line. Choose the best fishing charter for the most amazing experience.

Places To Go Fishing

  • The St. John’s River is the ideal place for novice anglers who wish to try their hands out on the fishing game. Head off to the parks like Stinson Park, or Memorial Park to experience fishing like nowhere else.
  • Jacksonville Beach is another amazing fishing site filled with innumerable trawling varieties. Fishing lovers often visit this place for catching cobia, sea trout, redfish, and pompano. Jacksonville also has more than 50 artificial reefs perfect for fishing.
  • The Intracoastal Waterway It is one of the favorite locations of locals as well as outsiders in Jacksonville. Whether you are beginner or a professional this area has plenty of charters to help you get a phenomenal day at water.

Kayaking Experience For Top-Notch Sightseeing

For someone who likes to explore the water bodies closely, kayaking brings the most bang for your bucks. All you need to do is load your sturdy kayak on your roof rack and get going. Also, you can easily rent the gears locally. Jacksonville has the best watersport opportunities and kayaking is undoubtedly the specialty of this city. With more than 40 public boat launching sites offering safe and secure exploration, you can easily explore on your own or book guided kayaking tour.

Most Popular Kayaking Launch Sites

  • Dutton Island Preserve is your savior when it comes to kayaking as well as other fun activities. Located on the Intracoastal Waterway in Atlantic Beach, it offers diverse opportunities for visitors ranging from cycling to camping spots.
  • Cradle Creek Preserve is another kayaking site filled with oak trees and saltwater marshes. There are swamps and dense forests for you to explore inside the premises of this huge Jacksonville Beach preserve.

Catch A Wave

Jacksonville is all about surfing. You can visit the Jacksonville Pier, which particularly is a top spot for surfing. But, before heading towards the pier learn a few tips and tricks from the local guides. If you’re a beginner who wants to learn the surfing game, make sure to find a reliable surfing expert. For this purpose, there are countless places available in the city. Apart from revamping your surfing knowledge, turns out to be a great idea in this city. What’s even better is that you can find top-notch surfing shops offering the protective gear as well as related accessories.

Places For Top-notch Surfing Sessions

  • Jacksonville Beach is the dream destination for every professional surfer out there. It has one of the best waves in the region which attracts everyone. The Jacksonville beach is a gorgeous place for surfing as well as for sun bathing.
  • Huguenot Park offers some of the best waves during the winter season. If you’re a solo surfer, you can also interact with other surfing enthusiasts at this place. Don’t wait, pack the surfs, and reach the place for a memorable experience right away.
  • Mayport Poles Located at Hanna Park, this spot is for expert riders. Although the activity is best during the winter season, you can come all year long for a satisfactory session. Some of the best local guides are Sunrise Surf Shop and Jax Beach Surf Shop.

Stargazing With Camping Activities

Apart from the popular water sports, Jacksonville has a little something for serenity lovers as well. For all the people who like to gaze at the night sky beside a bonfire, this is the place to visit.That way, you can observe the stars with minimal disturbances and loads of tranquility. The city offers camping coupled up with other fun activities like paddling and kayaking.

Places To Camp

  • Little Talbot Island is one of the premier locations primarily meant for camping and kayaking activities. With a compact yet beautiful camp by the Myrtle creek, visitors feel extremely delighted and at peace. Camping combined with hiking is all you can ask for in a Jacksonville vacation.
  • Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park is yet another popular site for camping. You can either bike through the miles-long trails or fulfill your beach cravings by the white-sand shores. Also, there’s a splash park for the children to enjoy their vacations.

Biking Along The Marshy Terrains

Hiking through the lush green forests and sounds of birds chirping has always been favorite of all bikers out there. Jacksonville offers the chance to bike through marshy terrains as well as rocky trails. With numerous biking trails around the city, you can choose the one with the ideal level of difficulty and excitement just for you. Also, it's better to go on a biking journey during the early morning hours.

Trails To Consider

  • Jacksonville-Baldwin Rail Trail is the prime biking trail in the city. Loaded with marshy regions, and eye-catchy fauna, you are likely to experience the best time of your life here. What makes this trail even more amazing is that it is filled with biking enthusiasts throughout the year.
  • Timucuan Trail is all about gazing at the sun early in the morning at Big Talbot Island and starting your ride afterwards. You can experience bird-watching, observe the wildlife, and even pass by the beach shores a couple of times. Rent a bike here and start your biking experience in a tranquil and serene environment.
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