Top 5 things to do at Kona Skatepark

A piece of iconic Jacksonville history, Kona Skatepark, was built in the late 70’s in the Arlington neighborhood.

Guinness Book of World Records named Kona the longest surviving privately owned skatepark in the world! Many professional and iconic skaters have hit the pavement at Kona, which is featured in Tony Hawk’s video game, Pro Skater 4.

1. Kona has ramps, paths and half-pipes for skaters to explore and enjoy. The park has a snake run path, which provides diversity to each skate path. Even experienced skaters will be able to find some variety here. Kona is also home to the Vert ramp, where extreme sports fans can practice their tricks.

2. The park’s concrete path is, of course, the most important part of the park. However, the bright art that covers the park’s ramps and paths is the shining star.

3. One of Kona’s can’t-miss events is their annual St. Paddy’s Skate-O-Rama. Each March, the skatepark invites musical acts, talented skaters and skate fans to come enjoy an all-ages show with food trucks and a beer garden. The celebration also includes the Pot of Gold Sk8 Competition, where extreme skaters can showcase their talents. The event has featured artists such as Agent Orange, so this is a must-see for anyone who loves skate culture.

4. If you’re looking to sharpen your skills, Kona Skatepark offers private skate lessons for children 6 and up. They offer beginner, intermediate and advanced classes for all skill levels. Students can learn proper stance, kickturns and even the Ollie. Each class has an achievement test, where skaters can prove their skills to move to the next experience group.

5. Be sure to check out Kona’s Beach Bowl, an annual celebration of park quad skating. The weekend-long competition features a day of training and clinics hosted by world class coaches that highlight the skills of aggressive quad skating. There is an option for the skaters to camp out for the weekend and enjoy the exhibition-style competition at the conclusion of the event. This camp is a great opportunity to show off your skills and have the full Kona experience.

Kona Skatepark just celebrated their 40th anniversary and has been a constant legend in the area. The family-friendly atmosphere, great music and decades of great skates make this a must-see for the sporty traveler.

Address: 8739 Kona Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32211


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