Toytopia At MOSH

Want to feel like a kid again?

We’re all nurturing that inner child and whether you have actual children or just a child-like wonder, there is a new exhibit in town just for you! Grab your family (all ages will enjoy this one!) and head to Jacksonville’s Southbank and you are steps away from learning about the toys that raised us.

Iconic toys, the worlds largest etch-a-sketch, and a giant piano keyboard are just some of the interactive features in this exhibit. The displays walk you through the development and evolution of the toys that multiple generation have been raised on. From arcade games to Monopoly to limited edition Barbie, the collector’s items are endless in this traveling show.

The colors, lights and (did we mention?!) a LIFE-SIZED dollhouse come together to create an engaging hour of fun for all ages. Once you’ve learned all you can about the history and development of your favorite figurines, you have a world of permanent exhibits, planetarium shows and creation stations to explore. Bring the family, bring yourself, bring your mom and enjoy this time capsule back into childhood.

Escape to a world unlike any other... for a limited time! TOYTOPIA is on display at the MOSH until May 16th 2021.

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