What is Bleisure and… Are You Missing Out?!

Mixing work and play to maximize your experience at a new destination.

Here’s the scenario – your next conference or work travel takes you to Jacksonville, FL. You don’t know much about the city, so you’re thinking, I’ll just fly in and out fast or drive in for a day or two...WRONG! You are going to regret not extending that stay in Jax!

It’s a simple new concept: Mixing work and play to maximize your experience at a new destination. Sounds really good, maybe a bit too good. But don’t be afraid, you can keep it professional while traveling for work and still enjoy yourself, it’s all about creating your ideal work/life balance.

Bleisure travel is on the rise and for good reason, more and more workers say it plays a big role in their overall job satisfaction, productivity, and career longevity. Traveling for work can be exhausting and very time consuming, now imagine if you could fit a mini-vacation before or after your work trip and get the chance to explore a new city, eat delicious food, enjoy the outdoors, and return to your office relaxed and ready to work!

If you are traveling to Jacksonville for a meeting or convention, our city has all the makings of the perfect Bleisure destination with 22 miles of beaches, 25 craft breweries on the Jax Ale Trail, great local dining, countless outdoors adventures, multiple golf courses to choose from, and top family-friendly attractions. Have a romantic weekend away, or a family beach getaway, a fishing excursion or enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime concert/festival before or after your conference in our city. Don’t miss out on the chance to discover all that Jacksonville has to offer outside our meeting rooms!

Find all the unique “only in jax” experiences and plan your Bleisure itinerary.

So, before you book you convention travel be sure to explore the many experiences you can have pre & post work in Jacksonville and take advantage of the deals and offers our local host hotels have ready just for you.

See you in Jax!

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