What to experience in Jacksonville’s Beaches and Parks

What to experience in Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach and Atlantic Beach

A bathing suit is an essential when going to any beach, but Only in Jax can you have just as much fun in the area of the beach as you can on the sand! The Jacksonville, Neptune and Atlantic Beach communities are packed with unique local experiences making them a must-visit during a Jacksonville trip. Most likely you won’t even recognize when you have traveled from one beach to the next, but they each have a different vibe and personality fit for party animals, adrenaline junkies, beach bums and everything in between!

Jax Beach

Party Under the Sun - If you’re looking for the party, this is where you will find it! Jacksonville Beach has the most hotels, the most festivals, the most restaurants and the pier. There are lots of things to do within close walking distance.

Neptune Beach:

Quaint Surf Town. Neptune Beach shares the Beaches Town Center with Atlantic Beach, so there are great restaurants and shopping in either beach.

Atlantic Beach:

Dining and Shopping District, great parks. Atlantic Beach has several notable parks that are worth exploring.

Beaches Special Events:

APRIL: Opening of the Beaches Parade

APRIL: Springing the Blues

FEBRUARY: 26.2 with Donna Marathon

MAY, JUNE, JULY, AUGUST, SEPTEMBER: Movies at the SeaWalk Pavilion

MAY: Dancing in The Streets

JULY: 4th of July Beaches Freedom Fest and Fireworks

JUNE, JULY: Jacksonville Beach Jazz Concert Series

JUNE: Great Atlantic Music Festival

JUNE: Jacksonville Beach Lifeguard Challenge

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