Camp Milton Historic Park Video Tour

What better place to explore nature and history than Camp Milton Historic Park

Camp Milton Historic Park is great for the runner, the biker, the hiker, the historian, the bird lover and the explorer. The photographer will likely enjoy a day there as well.

Located on the Westside of Jacksonville, Camp Milton Historic Park was once the encampment of over 8,000 soldiers during the Civil War. It started as Confederate domain until lost in battle to Union soldiers in 1864. The park was named in honor of John Milton who was the governor of Florida during the Civil War.

The park has trails carved throughout that lead through the forest, open fields and down to a small creek. During migration and winter you can find various birds. Some bird-watchers have recorded seeing Eastern Bluebird, Palm Warbler, Bald Eagle, American Kestrel and migrant songbirds like Red-eyed Vireo, Black-and-white Warbler, Blue-gray Gnat-catcher and Eastern Phoebe.

There is a educational center located at the park to help you explore rich history of the park. If time permits, you can hike along the wooden boardwalks. You can also take the adjoining 15-mile Jacksonville-Baldwin Trail. It is a paved trail mostly used for running and biking.

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