Lucius Smith Residence

  • 2821 Riverside Avenue
  • Jacksonville, Florida 32204
  • Price Range:

The former home of real estate developer, Lucius Smith is located at 2821 Riverside Avenue. It is one of the best remaining Prairie-style homes. While the architect is unknown, there are clues that it was designed by Henry Klutho's apprentices, Earl Mark and Leeroy Sheftall. Klutho is known for his Prairie-style designs and helped rebuild Jacksonville after the Great Fire of 1901. This home was built in 1913 with a red brick first story. In 1946, the house was converted to an osteopathic hospital. Thirty years later, new owners restored to a residence again, however, the red brick was not salvageable. The broad overhanging eaves, canopies, and extensive windows provide natural cooling and ventilation in Florida's tropical weather, allowing the windows to remain open in the rainy season.

Please be respectable as this is a private residence.