FLEAP Tips & Tricks

What is FLEAP?

The Visit Jacksonville Front-Line Employee Attraction Program is a marketing/training tool designed for use by Front-Line Employees. FLEAP helps front-line staff to be better ambassadors for Jacksonville. When properly used front-line staff can help promote restaurants and attractions around the city because they have first hand knowledge.

Five Helpful Tips

  1. The letter must be distributed and signed by the business' HR manager (or whomever the business designates in charge of this program).
  2. Employees must present each participating business with a complete letter (all pages).
  3. Employees must have each business they attend sign their letter on the designated line next to the Business name.
  4. This letter is not to be left at the participating business as the employee will need to return their completed letter once finished to their HR Manager. Visit Jacksonville will be conducting surveys to all businesses with staff participating in the program.
  5. This letter is to be used only by front-line staff. One guest may accompany the front-line staff member. The letter is not to be recreated or copied for additional use.

The Front-Line Employees’ Attractions Program Guest Letter is accessible through industry HR Managers. For questions, contact marketing@visitjacksonville.com.

FAQ's for FLEAP and Hospitality Training

  1. How can I receive more letters for my staff? Each quarter we will send an updated letter with new participating partners that front-line employees can experience. If you are the business HR manager, email marketing@visitjacksonville.com for the most current letter in a PDF version. You may print as many of the letters as needed and provide to your employees.
  2. Who is considered a Front-Line Employee for this program? Any employee that has direct contact with a guest; front desk, concierge, bell attendants, valet, housekeeping, banquet servers, shuttle drivers, etc.
  3. How long does an employee have to use the form? Any employee has up to 30 days from the time given to experience any participating business on the letter.
  4. What are the lines for on the backside of the letter? These lines are for each participating business to initial for the front-line employee that they attended and/or experienced their business.
  5. Who do we turn the forms into? After you complete your guest letter return it to your business' designated contact, the HR Manager. HR Managers please keep a copy and/or document of how many employees have used the program and what attractions they visited. We will follow up with you every 3-6 months to gather information on the participation rate of the program.
  6. When will this program end? This will be an evergreen program for all Front-Line Employees in our industry. Our purpose in creating this program was to provide those team members the opportunity to explore everything Jacksonville has to offer a visitor on their own time and therefore creating their own opinions and experience to then share with guests to our city.