Visit Jacksonville's Toolkit to Help You Promote Your Business

Visit Jacksonville wants to promote your business to our visitors and help you promote your business as well.

Getting Started

Visit Jacksonville wants to promote you to our visitors. To help us promote your business, be sure to provide:

  • Business details: who, what, where, cost (if applicable), hours of operation. The more details the better.
  • Photos, videos and/or graphics that can be used on social media and
  • Social media account information about your business or organization.
  • Information about meeting space opportunities (capacity, different room options, etc.). We will update this in our database for our sales team to share with groups as they inquire about meetings in Jacksonville.
  • Any brochures and/or posters to our Downtown Visitor Center. We will distribute them to our other Visitor Centers.

Please reach out Laurie Kopstad at 904-421-9178 or to get started today!

Marketing Efforts

What Visit Jacksonville can do:

  • Include your business on the “New Jacksonville Openings” page. This opening list is also shared in our biweekly Only in Jax Facts newsletter.
  • Add business listing into our database so it is searchable on our website and Visit JAX! app.
  • We help news media and social media influencers discover and experience Jacksonville so they can create articles and content about the destination. As we see fit, we will reach out with opportunities to host media.
  • Share your news on social media as possible.

What you can do:

  • Submit your events that would be of interest to visitors to our event calendar.
  • Share your discount, deal, special offer or coupon on our website.
  • Create a blog for the Visit Jacksonville site. Please review blog guidelines here. When drafting the blog, consider answering:
  • How did this business come to be?
  • What can visitors experience while at this business?
  • How much are tickets, entry fee, average dining cost, etc.
  • Any unique facts about the business, your services, how the business came to be, etc.
  • Schedule a 360-degree video shoot. This is a free service through a company we partner with called Threshold 360. Once filmed, the videos are added to your directory listing on our website and added to interactive maps on our website, when appropriate. Here’s an example of one of the Threshold 360 maps.
  • Keep us in the loop if your business adds or changes services, hosts special events, or has any news.

General Information and Research

Read more about our Front-Line Employees’ Attraction Program (FLEAP). The goal of this program is to educate everyone that interacts with a visitor on a daily basis on all the unique attractions and sites in Jacksonville by offering them free or discounted access. If you are interested in being a part of this program, please let us know.

Subscribe to our “Only in Jax Facts” newsletter, reach out to Laurie Kopstad (

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We know research can be very helpful, but also very expensive at times. Visit Jacksonville and the Tourist Development Council conduct several studies annually and keep the results posted on the website. We also encourage you to reach out at any time with research or city questions.

Resources Available to You

Visit Jacksonville can assist you with planning your event or meeting. And the best part? Our help is free!

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