Media and Influencer Site Visit Request

Visit Jacksonville hosts qualified writers and social media influencers

When requesting assistance from Visit Jacksonville, please fill out the form specific to your qualifications as news media or a social media influencer. Both forms are linked at the top and bottom of this page. Please review the information on this page before submitting a form. Visit Jacksonville requires at least four weeks advance notice to plan your visit.

If you have questions please contact Andrea Mestdagh at


Visit Jacksonville is available to assist with the following, on a case-by-case basis:

Accommodations: Complimentary or media rate rooms for travel journalists/social media content creators may be provided at the discretion of Visit Jacksonville and/or the individual property for no more than 3 nights, and is based on outlet's reach, story angle and number of followers/reach. Accommodations are subject to availability. During the summer months complimentary and media rate beach hotel stays are not available.

Attraction passes: When possible, Visit Jacksonville will offer complimentary attraction passes or arrange complimentary visits to attractions for vetted travel journalists/social media content creators.

Meals: Visit Jacksonville staff will host one lunch and/or one dinner during visit based on availability. All other meals are the responsibility of the journalist/social media content creator.

Transportation: Economy car rental and taxi reimbursement as well as airfare coverage will be evaluated on an individual basis. Visit Jacksonville will not cover airfare for journalists/social media content creators not on assignment for a major publication/media outlet, or for family and/or friends of journalists.

Itinerary creation: Visit Jacksonville knows the best spots to include in your story. We will gladly create an itinerary for your visit.


  • All visiting journalists/social media content creators are expected to promote the destination through their social media channels during their visit. This includes, but is not limited to, at least 2 Facebook/Instagram posts and live stories on Instagram/Facebook of every visited attraction/restaurant (5 minimum). Jacksonville’s hashtag is #OnlyInJax and you can tag @Visit_Jax in all posts.
  • The destination and participating partners expect to be featured in at least one article/post generated from the visit (print, online or blog post).
  • Journalists/social media content creators will provide links to Visit Jacksonville with the resulting coverage.

Due to the demand for visits, the Visit Jacksonville communications team requires at least a 4-week notice (before the date of arrival) to plan an itinerary and accommodations. Requests made after that deadline will only be reviewed at the discretion of Visit Jacksonville.

Costs incurred by others, such as family members and/or friends, traveling with journalist/social media content creator will not be covered by Visit Jacksonville.