Visit Jacksonville Launches JAX ART HUNT Featuring Local Artist Jason Tetlak

The Interactive Scavenger Hunt Will Take Art Lovers All Over Jacksonville As They Search for 20 Pieces of an Original Artwork.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. July 5, 2019 -- Visit Jacksonville has partnered with innovative local artist and muralist Jason Tetlak for an interactive art project. The JAX ART HUNT kicks off Saturday, July 6. For the next 9 days, 20 pieces of a large mural created by Tetlak will be hidden in locations across the city for art lovers to find. Clues to the location of the pieces will be found daily at Visit Jacksonville’s Instagram account @visit_jax. Once all the pieces are uncovered, they will reveal a hidden message.

Visit Jacksonville was eager to work with Jason as he is one of Jacksonville’s most respected muralist, having created the Guinness World Record-breaking 3-D mural in the Brooklyn neighborhood. For Visit Jacksonville, the JAX ART HUNT is a great way to get visitors, and locals, to discover different areas of the city and become immersed in our arts scene.

"I am always looking to do things a little differently. Showing work in a typical gallery setting can be a little bland, so I decided that I wanted to turn the entire city into my gallery and put artwork all over town,” said artist Jason Tetlak. “Once I decided to move forward with that idea, partnering with Visit Jax seemed like a great way to encourage people to get out into different parts of town that they may not normally visit and reward them with some free art."

Follow Visit Jacksonville on Instagram (@visit_jax) and stay tuned for the daily JAX ART HUNT clues. Once a piece of art is found, it will have instructions on what to do with it next. We encourage those participating to use the hashtags #jaxarthunt & #onlyinjax. You can check for updates on pieces found at The best part is once you find a piece, you get to keep it and own an original Jason Tetlak artwork!

First clue goes out Saturday, July 6 on Visit Jacksonville’s Instagram, so stay tuned!


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