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Visit Jacksonville offers images and video footage to bring your story to life. We can offer aerial shots of Downtown and the beaches, plus action shots on the golf course, and videos covering nightlife, shopping, waterways, outdoors activities and much more.

Bring your story to life with images and footage of Downtown and the beaches, our golf courses, parks, nightlife, shopping, waterways, outdoor activities, sports, family attractions, and so much more!

Visit our online media gallery to find the perfect image or video for your needs, CLICK HERE and REGISTER to create a profile, wait for approval and then gain access to our online gallery. Make sure you specify whether you are a CONVENTION GROUP or MEDIA.

If you have further question, you can reach out to Patty Winters in the PR Team at, or if you are representing a Convention or Meetings Group, reach out to Becky Smith at

NOTES: All images and videos are to be credited to Visit Jacksonville or the photographer (if there is one).

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