Let's Eat!

It's time to get your carb on, runners! Jacksonville has become quite the "foodie" destination-ask us for our favorite local spots on social media, @visit_jax!

New dining districts are springing up all over town and a food truck revolution is here to stay! Get those taste buds ready for a new delicious experience only in Jacksonville. A Florida city that's full of unique flavors, Jacksonville is a melting pot of cultures and tastes, with a thriving culinary culture pioneered by local chefs that have been nationally and internationally trained. Jacksonville’s food scene is an eclectic hybrid of inspired casual elegance and classic southern comfort, infused with the flavors of the coast and a dash of international flair. Life is short, eat well in Jax!

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Dreamette - Murray Hill

located at:

3646 Post St
Jacksonville, Florida 32205
Phone: 904-388-2558

Edgewood Sandwich Shop

located at:

3562 Broadway Ave
Jacksonville, Florida 32254
Phone: 904-389-4646

El Castillo

located at:

9735 Old Saint Augustine Rd
Jacksonville, Florida 32257
Phone: 904-524-8553

Famous Jamican Jerk Seafood

located at:

7945 103rd St
Jacksonville, Florida 32210
Phone: 904-551-6414

Famous Sandwiches - Cassat Ave

located at:

1185 Cassat Ave
Jacksonville, Florida 32205
Phone: 904-384-4429

Famous Sandwiches - Lem Turner

located at:

7404 Lem Turner Rd
Jacksonville, Florida 32208
Phone: 904-768-1718