Stop 14- Genovar Hall

The next stop is Genovar Hall. Genovar Hall was constructed in 1895 for Sebastian Genovar’s grocery business. In 1902, the building became a saloon. By the 1920’s the upper floors became the Wynn Hotel, a popular lodging place for Louis Armstrong. Armstrong preferred the Wynn, over the larger Richmond Hotel, because it was on Ashley street where all the action was. During the 1940’s two metal horse hitching rails in front of the building became known as “the rails of hope”. This was a spot where young musicians would hang out waiting for jobs. One of those was R.C. Robinson who lived a block away at 633 Church Street. Eventually Robinson became known as the one and only Ray Charles. The structure is now owned by the City of Jacksonville and there are currently no plans for development at this time. Head to the next stop and press play.

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