Jumbo Shrimp Fan Experience

Grab a ball cap and head to the stadium, you don’t want to miss out on a Jumbo Shrimp game while in Jax!

Originally called the Jacksonville Suns, and rebranded to Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp in 2017, our minor league baseball team has been a local favorite for decades and will surely offer you and your family an #onlyinjax experience you will never forget with affordable family fun.

To begin your gameday fun, make sure you have your tickets. These very affordable tickets can be purchased here. Then head on over to the Sports Complex in Downtown, to 121 Financial Ballpark, home of the Jumbo Shrimp. Be sure to get a good parking spot in one of the 6,604 on-site parking spaces in the Sports Complex.

If you arrive early (which we recommend you do) you’ll have plenty of time to grab a local drink and maybe at snack at Intuition Ale Works or Manifest Distilling, across from the Ballpark.

If you’re visiting on a Friday night, you’ll get a memorable experience of a fun fireworks display. Make sure to enjoy while sipping on a good old-fashioned soda and hot dog, or even a locally sourced shrimp cocktail, and don’t forget some Cracker Jacks.

Hopefully you had a blast at the game and joined in on the 7th inning stretch. Once the game is over, and you're celebrating a Jumbo Shrimp victory, we recommend checking out one of the many restaurants in Downtown Jax, such as Burrito Gallery, Estrella Cocina or Jumpin' Jax.

Take me out to the ball game!