Latino Weekend Itinerary

Greetings fellow Latinx traveler exploradores! Let’s go on an adventure to the sunshine state, Florida, and visit the City of Jacksonville.

Day One


There is plenty to see and experience in Jacksonville. Looking for scenic sites around JAX? Nothing says ‘I’m in Jax’ better than the scenes that you will see in downtown JAX surrounded by visions of newly developed buildings and the St. Johns River. A Riverwalk has been specially built to enjoy the scenery, whether you decide to take a morning jog or just walk on your own pace, bring your camera and stop to admire the beautiful skyline and bridges.

Another must-do of interest while in Downtown - hang out at the local bars/restaurants or visit the local merchants that have a little of everything you might be looking for.

Other places to visit:

St. Johns Riverwalk: Take a scenic stroll along the river, see the iconic bridges and picturesque skyline.

The Cummer Museum: If you are looking to increase your cultural IQ, this is the place to visit.

Place to nourish your body:

Arepa Please: By far the top choice for authentic Venezuelan arepas in the area. 474 Riverside Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32202


After a morning stroll through Downtown, head over to Five Points. Started as a commercial district in the 1920s, it is now part of the Riverside-Avondale Historic District and has perhaps become the most vibrant district in Jacksonville. This hipster neighborhood, with a diverse crowd, is a very bohemian hub of shops, bars and eateries. Looking for artwork or decorations for your home or office? Five Points is where you want to visit. The locals will tell you that this area is pretty alive every day of the week. There is even a park where the kids can play and many outdoor markets take place.

Place to nourish your body:

Taqueria Cinco: Their tagline is “Eat Mas Tacos” and that explains it all. Great food, awesome service and delightful atmosphere. 809 Lomax St, Jacksonville, FL 32204


Catch a movie at Sun-Ray Cinema, formerly known as the Riverside Theatre which opened in 1927 as a movie theater with sound. In the 1980s, it became an acting playhouse and in the 1990s it became a nightclub. Finally, Sun-Ray Cinema opened its doors in 2011.

Place to nourish your body:

Lola's Burrito & Burger Joint: Be sure to look up and see Lola on her full-size motorcycle! The decorative painted car hoods narrate the Dia de los Muertos theme.

o Mexican Restaurant: 1522 King St, Jacksonville, FL (904) 738-7181

Day Two


Jacksonville has many places that will connect you with nature to the max. If you prefer to walk around and connect with nature while acquiring some history, then visit the oldest plantation still standing in Florida. The Kingsley Plantation allows visitors to walk outside the plantation home, through the barn to see the crops and enslaved people’s quarters, many of which are still standing, or on the nearby trails to put you in touch with nature.


The Plantation will leave you hungry, so head over to The Palms Fish Camp, which opened its doors in 1950. Fresh local seafood is always on the menu! Seasonal menus will have you coming back for more. They take pride in not using any frozen seafood - they purchase directly from the local boats and operate a few of their own.

After enjoying this meal, head over to the northside and visit The Catty Shack, which is a sanctuary of wild cats. Seeing these majestic and powerful animals right in front of your eyes, being playful or lazy, will give you a new outlook of life in the wild.

You will certainly want to walk off some more of the seafood calories, so after The Catty Shack, take a short drive to William F Sheffield Regional Park. Get lost in the trails, take a dip in the lake and run towards or away from the geese and ducks – depending on your mood or your fear level.

Place to nourish your body:

• There are plenty of options at nearby River City Marketplace, from pizza, to burgers, to sushi, to ice cream!


Head back to your hotel to rest up before dinner and then freshen up. Have a few drinks by the pool, see the sunset on the beach and experience life’s free miracles.

Places to nourish your body:

Puerto Plata Restaurant: Feel good food

o Dominican/Cuban Restaurant: 2045 Bayview Rd, Jacksonville, FL (904) 388-5888

Salento Colombian Steakhouse: This family-owned business opened its doors in 2014, specializing in traditional Colombian meals

o Colombian Restaurant: 11018 Old Saint Augustine Rd, Jacksonville, FL (904) 374-5882

Day Three


Jacksonville is famous for their local beaches on the coast of Florida. A swim suit is a must for this expedition and to enjoy this part of your JAX adventure. Mornings are usually best, because the sun isn’t out in full force, but always remember to use your sunscreen. The following are some of the best rated beaches in Jacksonville:

• Neptune Beach

• Little Talbot Island

• Jacksonville Beach

• Atlantic Beach


After spending the morning working on your tan lines, grab a cool drink and light lunch at Bahama Breeze. This Caribbean-inspired restaurant, with the vibrant island atmosphere, is known for its handcrafted exotic and legendary cocktails with fresh juices, sugar cane and island flavors. Visit the Bahama Breeze Island Grille location at 10205 River Coast Drive, Jacksonville, FL · (904) 646-1031

After lunch, walk around the shops in St. Johns Town Center. With lots of stores to visit, you will find a rare gift for your in-laws back home, or something fun for the kids. You may even find some beautiful art or decorative pieces for your home. Either way, there are no other outdoor malls that compare to Town Center, it really is on a class of its own.


Before heading to dinner, experience the local murals around the city that really tell the story of Jacksonville and its inhabitants. They can be found throughout the city, so make it a point to see some up close and personal.

Places to nourish your body:

Joe’s Crab Shack-6 Beach Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL (904) 249-6160

Dockside Seafood Restaurant Jax Beach-2510 2nd Ave N, Jacksonville, FL (904) 479-3474

As you head back to your hotel, reminisce over your experiences and relive your favorite moments and remember to return soon. JAX will always have its doors open.