Mandarin Historic Neighborhood Tour

Mandarin holds a lot of rich family history and throughout Mandarin you will find the namesakes of a lot of those family’s legacies. Mandarin was once a small town, later incorporated into Jacksonville.

Self Guided Tour

The mostly residential areas of the Mandarin area are brimming with history and nature and boast some of the most stunning river views in Jacksonville. You can also view the tour on the Visit Jax App!

Historically known for its many acres of orange groves, a day in Mandarin is best started in one of its many parks.

  1. Flynn Park (2738 Orange Pickers Rd, 32223) – The Flynn family in Mandarin operated a local seed and feed store on Flynn Road in the 1900s. Mr. James J. Flynn, the park’s namesake, also operated a taxi service for Jacksonville and St. Augustine. Flynn Park was one of the first parks in the Mandarin area utilized for community sports.
  2. Alberts Field (12073 Brady Rd, 32223) – The Albert family were local artists who resided in the Mandarin area that later donated their land to the City of Jacksonville for use as a park.
  3. Chuck Rogers Park (11950 San Jose Blvd, 32223) – Dubbed as Mandarin’s first soccer park in 1997, the park is named after Chuck Rogers who worked for the Parks and Recreation Department for 41 years.
  4. Mandarin Park (14780 Mandarin Rd, 32223) – Though it was not built on history, the parks offerings is building history in Mandarin. Patrons go to enjoy nature trails, a pier, and a boat ramp.
  5. Walter Jones Historical Park (11964 Mandarin Rd, 32223) – Full of rich Mandarin history, this park is filled with a museum and historical artifacts.
  6. After leaving the park, enjoy a day at the Mandarin Garden Club learning about horticulture. Or walk back into the early 1900s at the Historic Mandarin Store and Post office.

Aside from being rich in history, Mandarin also offers trendy eateries and a quaint neighborhood night scene. That boast both family-owned and operated mixed with some of your popular chains.