Score a touchdown for your team at TIAABank Field

Even when the Jaguars aren’t playing football, you can still have a ball with colleagues and clients at TIAABank Field by holding a Super Bowl-caliber meeting or event at the stadium.

By John Egan

Because at TIAABank Field, you can pretty much rent everything from the players’ locker room to the entire playing field for gatherings small and intimate or large and grand.

Speaking of grand, did you know that EverBank Field is home to the world’s largest scoreboard? That’s right, the ginormous video board sits high above brand new cabanas and swimming pools as part of a $63 million renovation, and is 60 feet high, 362 feet long, and contains 35.5 million LED bulbs. Now imagine giving a presentation or pitching your clients using that puppy.

Game over.

You can even arrange for appearances by Jaxson de Ville, the Jaguars’ mascot, and the ROAR, the Jaguars’ cheerleaders. Not to mention a top notch menu catering to whatever your group desires. So when the Jags aren’t putting in work on the field, the turf is all yours—all 160,000 square feet of it. Endzone to endzone, here’s a breakdown of what EverBank Field has to offer local businesses on the field and off.

Terrace Suite

This space, which can accommodate up to 800 guests, features modern décor and 35 big-screen TVs.

Daily's Place

The amphitheater at Daily's Place is a state-of-the-art, 5,500-seat facility, designed with both audience and performer in mind. It sits underneath an iconic roof structure, creating a one-of-a-kind outdoor concert atmosphere, at once both intimate and epic.

Daily's Place Flex Field

The covered Flex Facility at Daily's Place is a one-of-a-kind space, featuring a regulation-size football field with more than 20 feet of auxiliary space around the artificial playing surface. Flanked on the north and south side by massive hangar doors, the facility can be used independently or opened up to the amphitheater.When the doors are closed to the flex field, the space is fully climate controlled. The Flex Facility is perfect for athletic competitions, race festivals, dance recitals, graduations, food and beer festivals, revivals and more.

Bud Light Party Zone

As the name suggests, this is the ultimate sports bar, with huge windows that open to the field and 55 big-screen TVs. This space, which overlooks the South End Zone, can hold as many as 800 guests.

Touchdown Clubs

Each of these three-level clubs offers floor-to-ceiling windows, amped-up audiovisual equipment, generous-sized bars, direct entrances from the parking lot, restrooms on each floor and full access to the menus designed by Levy’s executive chef, Tim Hoch.

The West Touchdown Club faces downtown and the East Touchdown Club faces the port. Altogether, the clubs deliver 60,000 square feet of space.

Sky Patio

The Caribbean-themed patio sits atop TIAABank Field. It’s ideal for dinners, dances and parties.

The Cabanas

You can host as many as 1,500 guests in the 12 cabanas on the terrace deck and eight cabanas near the spas. The cabanas, which sit in the North End Zone, provide a rooftop bar setting, plenty of seating and spectacular views of the stadium scoreboards.

Team meeting room

Yep, this is where the coaches and players go over the Xs and Os. Perfect for small meetings and presentations, the room includes a 165-inch high-definition screen and more than 20 stereo speakers. Talk about getting into the game!

The Fields

Not one but two fields are available for your team members—up to 10,000 of them, as a matter of fact. There’s the Jaguars’ practice field as well as the game-day field inside the stadium.

Picture yourself at a lawn party on the best-kept turf in Jacksonville!

Locker room

This is where the Jaguars put on and take off their pads, and where you can hold a one-of-a-kind event. As many as 200 “players” can fit into the locker room, the exclusive domain that few people get to enter.

Huddle up, pick a play and score a touchdown for your team. Customize your next meeting or group event by visiting Bold Events and let the home of the Jacksonville Jaguars roll out the green carpet for your all-star team.

And don’t forget to support your boys on Sunday, TIAABank Field is the perfect place to start your vacation. Go Jags!

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