Ortega Historic Neighborhood Tour

The Ortega neighborhood got its start in the early 1900’s when J. Pierpont Morgan completed the wooden bridge connecting Ortega to modern-day Avondale. Local businessmen of the 1920’s began building residences, and many of those homes are still standing today.

Historic Homes of Ortega

Today, there are 597 historic buildings designated by the National Register of Historic Places. Check out the turn-of-the-century homes and Southern Style mansions, including a home where, rumor has it, George “Machine Gun” Kelly and wife Kathryn rented the house for a few weeks in 1933. A slice of history in Ortega, the two-story Mediterranean Revival house at 2815 Grand Ave has always been a point of conspiracy with the Jacksonville community. You can also view the tour on the Visit Jax App!

Stockton Park

This iconic park of Ortega is named for John N. C. Stockton, president of the Ortega Company and a pillar of the community. The park is on the St. Johns River with spaces available for fishing, kayak/canoe launches and riverfront pavement (perfect for a waterfront stroll). Bring your gear or get some from nearby fishing supply stores like West Marine.

Address: 5021 Ortega Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32210

Seminole Park

This park offers beautiful views of the Ortega river, with docks that lead out onto the water. Trees throughout the park really give an “Old Florida” feel as you explore. Part of Ortega’s past is featured on a marker that tells the history of the notorious bandit Daniel McGirtt, an original Ortega resident.

Address: 4170 McGirts Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32210

Yerkes Park

Ortega is home to Yerkes Park, a triangular shaped park named for Captain Johnathan Yerkes Jr, son of local prominent Ortega family. This small park is populated with lush trees covered in Spanish moss with plenty of room for a family picnic.

Address: 3927 McGirts Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32210

Columbus Park

One of Ortega’s many circular parks, this is named after Christopher Columbus and the heavy Spanish influence in the Ortega neighborhood. Located in Ortega’s Historic District, the park is a beautiful spot to lounge and enjoy some of Jacksonville’s beautiful weather.

Address: 2850 Iroquois Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32210

Bettes Park

This park is a great way to take in the oak trees and historic homes that surround the park. 360-degree views provide a great way to see some of the diverse architectural styles from the early 1900’s. This circular park named for local Charles Bettes, Stockton's partner in the development of Ortega.

Address: 3800 Bettes Circle, Jacksonville, FL 32210

Ortega Village

Once serviced by Jacksonville's electric trolley, Ortega Village was the hub of the early 20th century neighborhood.

Address: 2918 Corinthian Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32210

Carter's Pharmacy (located in Ortega Village)

Carter's Pharmacy has been a staple in the Village since 1955. The building is a step back in time in a modern area still features an old timey lunch counter. This pharmacy is still operating and serving the Ortega area, situated in the center of the neighborhood.

Address: 2923 Corinthian Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32210

Ortega River Bridge

The Ortega River Bridge opened to traffic in 1927, connecting the working families of Ortega to the growing downtown Jacksonville. This bridge replaced the original wooden structure that was completed in 1908. This 1,143-foot-long bascule bridge was rehabilitated in 1996

Address: 8 Ortega Bridge, Jacksonville, FL 32210

The Florida Yacht Club

Organized in 1876, the Florida Yacht Club served as a yachting and social attraction for winter visitors flocking to the South. The current location is the 3rd in the Florida Yacht Club’s existence after losing the first in the great fire of 1901 and expansion efforts that followed. Many events are held at this member-only club, such as regattas, weddings and social events.

Address: 5210 Yacht Club Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32210

Timuquana Country Club

In 1921, a group of men organized the Timuquana Country Club to create a golf course for the residents of Jacksonville. The club was named for the Timucuan tribe, local to the St. Johns River region. The club features a sprawling golf course, pool, docks, tennis courts and lounges for its members to enjoy. Notable, David Duval began playing golf at Timuquana Country Club and went on to become a professional golfer and win the British Open in 2001 and Ponte Vedra Beach’s THE PLAYERS Championship in 1999.

Address: 4028 Timuquana Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32210

Tillie K Flower Park

Tillie K Flower Park has everything you could want in a recreational space. The park features grills, picnic areas, scenic views of the Ortega River, biking and hiking trails, a playground and even restrooms. Named for former councilwoman and U.S. representative Tillie Fowler, the park has brick remnants from the 1917 path into the city.

Address: 7000 Roosevelt Blvd, Jacksonville,FL 32244

Stinson Park

Stinson Park is a picturesque park featuring boat docks, kayak launch, a playground, bike racks and picnic shelters. This park has anything and everything a family could enjoy. The land for this park has been dedicated since 1912 by William Stinson, which the park is named for.

Address: 4050 San Juan Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32210

Baker Point Park

The selling point of Baker Point park are the stunning, panoramic views of the downtown skyline. Be sure to get your picture taken on the dock with that beautiful background. See if you can spot some dolphins swimming along the St. Johns River.

Address: 4045 San Juan Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32210

PORT 32 Jacksonville @ Ortega Landing

The PORT 32 Jacksonville at Ortega Landing is a great place to dock during your visit to Jacksonville. The PORT has beautiful views of the St. Johns River and the city, a pool and clubhouse. It is recognized as an Island Global Yachting destination.

Address: 4234 Lakeside Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32210

Ortega River Club

The Ortega River Club was founded in 1903, it was originally named the Germania Club. At the time it hosted dances, big band concerts and other social activities in modern-day Brooklyn. The club moved to Ortega in 1928, where the club was renamed The German American Club. In 2011, the club underwent a clubhouse renovation and became The Ortega River Club. Today, the clubhouse hosts swing lessons for members, weddings and weekly dinners.

Address: 4165 Lakeside Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32210

Chamblin Bookmine

This local new and used bookstore is a staple in Jacksonville for bookworms. Chamblin’s Bookmine has a 55,000 square foot warehouse with thousands of scarce, rare and new books available. If you have used books you want to turn in, Chamblin’s will pay for trade-ins.

Address: 4551 Roosevelt Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32210

Desoto Park

Named for Henando de Soto, explorer of southeast America.

Address: 3970 Baltic Street, Jacksonville, FL 32210

Cortez Park

Circular park named for Hernando Cortez, Spanish conqueror. Located near The Village.

Address: 4260 Baltic Street, Jacksonville, FL 32210