Meet Visit Jax Ambassador: Po & Tigress

Hello! Our names are Po and Tigress. Yes. We are named after the Kung Fu Panda movies; and we are standard Australian Shepards. We travel everywhere with mom and dad! Mom and Dad try to take us on hikes at least once a day. We have so many great friends in Jacksonville!

1. What is one thing you tell a furry visitor that they must see/do when in Jax?

Our favorite thing to do in Jacksonville is either hiking Tillie K Fowler or play in the waves at Atlantic Beach. Both of which are very pup friendly! We meet so many other pups like us there. Hiking has definitely become a favorite of ours. If you've never been to either, they are both recommended. Before you go to Tillie K Fowler, Mom and Dad always spray us with our puppy approved bug spray so the pesky mosquitos don't slow us down. While we are at the beach on a particular sunny day, Mom always remembers to protect our eyes with our sunglasses.

2. Where is your favorite local spot to eat?

Our favorite restaurant that we love to go to after the beach is either the Burrito Gallery or Flying Iguanas. They both serve the best tacos and burritos there. Mom even loves the tableside guac from Flying Iguanas. Both places are Puptastic! So many people give us love and attention.

Follow Po & Tigress to see Jacksonville through the eyes of a local 4-legged friend!

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