36 hours to explore the outdoors in Jax

Experience Jax outdoors in 36 hours with the ultimate green adventure getaway!

Day 1

6:30 am Paddleboarding at our beaches-Catching waves, sunrays, and sights all on a paddleboard. Come say ‘SUP’ in the Jacksonville. You’ll have a blast!

8:30 am Coffee break at Bold Bean in Jax Beach-Cool, locally owned coffee shop roasting its own brand of coffee in Jacksonville. Come sip some of the best coffee in the city, enjoy a pastry and mingle with the locals.

10:00 am Kayak through our marshes-Whether you are a seasoned kayaker or just looking to try something new, Jacksonville has many unique waterways waiting for you to explore them.

12:30 pm Palms Fish Camp to try our famous Mayport Shrimp- Mayport Shrimp is caught locally at the mouth of the St. Johns River, where it meets the Atlantic Ocean.

4:00 pm Surfing at Hanna Park- Jacksonville’s beaches offer prime surf all year long.

6:00 pm Bike the Trails at Hanna Park- A wild adventure through the wooded paths of this oceanfront park. There are also several other beginner trails for novice riders.

8:30 pm Camp under the stars at Hanna Park-An unforgettable camping spot!

Day 2

7 am Riverfront yoga at Memorial Park-Start the day at this park in the heart of Riverside.

10 am Morning walk along the St. Johns Riverwalk-3 miles of riverwalk, perfect for a stroll or a jog by the St. Johns or stop at the iconic Friendship Fountain.

12 pm Picnic time at Riverside Park- Enjoy this scenic park close to 5 Points.

2 pm Fishing Trip-Fish Jacksonville’s more than 1,110 miles of interior shorelines.

6 pm Grab a craft beer at our breweries- Jacksonville's local craft beer scene is thriving and continues to expand. It's hoppin' this year along the Jax Ale Trail, and we've made it easier than ever to explore our brews

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