7 Things to Do in Jax Solo!

Some of the best adventures can be had by yourself!

Take a trip to Jacksonville solo and explore the city on your own terms Fortunately, the Bold City/River City offers plenty of activities to enjoy on your own. They will also give you a chance to meet new people. Here some of them:

Mingle with locals

Nothing will give you a better understanding of a new city than its people. When you get to know locals, you take a step ahead. The benefits may come as new information for exciting places, safety tips, and similar. To find locals, you can opt for going to a farmers market like Riverside Arts Market or Beaches Artwalk. And wherever you go experience Jax’s version of southern hospitality and ask lots of questions.

Cruise around town

Driving around the city will give you a chance to explore more places. Jacksonville is the largest city by size in the United States, so there’s lots of ground to cover!

Find your new favorite dish

It is common to miss your favorite food when you are away from home. However, Jacksonville's wide variety in the culinary scene allows you to find your favorite comfort meals and new favorites. Hence, you can go out and explore markets and restaurants that offer what you like the most. You can get wonderful surprises that will give you a different approach to what you love to eat. And, when you get homesick, you will know where to go to find some comfort food.

Check out the ‘tourist’ spots! They’re popular for good reason

If you are planning to spend some time in a new city, it is a good idea to start with the landmarks and most visited places. Usually, they molded the culture and lifestyle of the city. They will allow you to understand many things. The best way to do it is by taking a tourist tour. You can opt for walking tours, a tuk tuk ride, art and culture museum tours, and even a cruise on the St Johns River. Why not? Locals already know all those places, but it will be the first time for you.

Spend time in a public park

Jacksonville has no shortage of city, state, and federal preserves and parks. Public parks have plenty of classes of yoga, martial arts, dance, Tai Chi, you can also ride a bike and do many others activities. In any case, that will allow you to know new people and enjoy an incredible activity while you take care of your health. It can be the beginning of a new hobby while you are in the city. Or you can go back to your old hobbies, for instance, if you like producing music, why not take your laptop and work on your music making software while you enjoy the view of the park.

Treat yourself to a spa day

If you enjoy taking care of yourself, being alone is an excellent opportunity to find spas and beauty salons to get pampered. You can visit the luxurious One Ocean Resort and Spa for a facial or massage and treat yourself to beachside R&R. Try different services like massages, get your nails done, haircuts, and others. That will give you the chance to choose your favorite ones and a way to relax while you enjoy a new city.

Give back to Jax!

The world always needs some help and it may come in many ways. Give back to mother Earth with a beach cleanup or a cleanup at the Timucuan Preserve. Besides helping others, you will also get the opportunity to meet valuable people in the Jax community.

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