Jacksonville Deep Sea Fishing Itinerary

Grab your crew and spend a day at sea. Maybe you’ll catch the biggest fish ever! But even if not, at least you will have a great time.

Jacksonville Fishing Charters

Deep Sea fishing in Jacksonville is quite a popular sport. Step 1 is booking a fishing charter. You’re on vacation so allow someone else to handle the hard parts of your adventure. Most charters come equipped with not only an adventurous day at sea, but the licenses, equipment and knowledge of the best fishing spots. Some charters even provide light snacks and beverages for your day at sea. You will likely be instructed to meet your chartered boat at one of our two ocean access marinas. Their locations provide quick access to the intracoastal waterways of Jacksonville.

  • Morning Star Marina is located in Atlantic Beach, at the mouth of the St. Johns River
  • Beach Marine is located in Jacksonville Beach and is most commonly used for ocean access.

Florida Fish Species

During the Fall, you can find an abundance of Barracuda, Red Fish, Grouper, Bass, Mackerel, Cobia and Snapper. For all other times of the year, this fish species seasonal calendar will let you know when to catch what.

Florida Fishing Rules

Now don’t forget the Florida Fishing rules, if you decide to fish without a professional. Some basic regulations are:

  • You must obtain a recreational saltwater fishing license
  • Organisms must be landed and kept alive
  • A continuously circulating live well, aeration or oxygenation system of adequate size to maintain these organisms in a healthy condition
  • Allowable Gear: hand-held net, drop net, rod, barrier net, slurp gun (use of quinaldine is prohibited)*
  • Bag Limit: 20 organisms per person per day; only 5 of any one species allowed within the 20-organism bag limit
  • Possession Limit: 2-day possession limit, 40 total organisms, no more than 10 of any one species allowed
  • Allowable substrate: see species specifications in table
  • Closed areas: Some closed areas exist**
  • Sale of recreational caught marine life organisms is prohibited
  • Regulations also apply in federal waters

Can you eat what you catch?

Off times in deep sea fishing you must rely on the picture to say a thousand words because if it is not the right size or season you must throw it back into the sea. Disappointing I know, but don’t fret if you really had prepared your taste buds for fresh caught seafood, there is a Safe Harbor Seafood restaurant at both marinas. They offer the age-old concept where you choose fresh seafood from the cooler and they prepare it however you would like it. The location at Morning Star Marina even has a full market where you can shop for fresh local seafood.

Plan your fishing trip in Jacksonville today!

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