Hanna Park Adventure

Here you will find more adventure than you can handle and relax too if that is your thing.

There are tons of places to explore at Hanna Park! Hanna Park use to be called Manhattan Beach and was the first African American beach resort in Florida. As you pull into Hanna Park, your first stop will be at the front gate. Here you will pay your admission, grab some maps and suggestions for the day. Your level of adventure will determine what direction you go once inside. For a lazy day at the beach you can head straight down to beach access. Take it up a notch and pack a picnic, or plan to grill in the pavilion and picnic area while enjoying the ocean.

A play set shaped like a tree trunk with two green slides in Hanna Park, Jacksonville, Florida.

If you are the real adventurer, stop by the General Store. Inside is Adventure Kayak Florida where you can rent or purchase all of your water adventure needs. They have kayaks, paddle boards, pedal boats, bikes and canoes. They also offer guided tours. And if you are a camper, this is the place to get all you need to get settled in. Hanna Park is so full of adventure. If all of the above wasn't enough to do, guess what. There is more.

A path through tropical trees in Hanna Park, Jacksonville, Florida.

The park is filled with hiking and biking trails to explore. It is also known as one of the top spots for surfers. Newlyweds have chosen the Dolphin Plaza to celebrate their nuptials. Whether you choose peace or adventure, it can all be found at Hanna Park.

A surfer in a black wetsuit rides a wave near Hanna Park in Jacksonville, Florida.