Trampoline Parks

Bounce into all day fun with the whole family at one of Jacksonville’s trampoline parks.

We all know of the usual go-to places for family fun, it needs to be a joint activity that leaves the whole family feeling happy and entertained. While Jax has a lot to offer in the outdoor activities department - hiking, the beach, biking trails, and the zoo - we all know that Florida weather can be unpredictable and being forced to head indoors is always a possibility. Bowling, roller skating, ice skating, or going to an arcade are all great options but recently the newest go-to family day venture has the combined elements of an indoor and outdoor activity all in one facility. Trampoline parks are a new and fun way to spend time with the whole family and the added benefit of tiring everyone out!

Trampoline parks aren’t just for kids! They’re a great way to get some exercise while adding a little bit of variety to your conventional workouts. Each trampoline park in Jax has something different to offer their visitors from a mechanical bull at Jumpstreet, a ninja warrior obstacle course at Velocity Air Sports, an entire open jump area at Bravo Entertainment Center, and a combination of a rock wall and a dual lane slide at Pump It Up. There’s a little something for everyone at each of the parks and they all have their own unique and creatively styled facilities.


With wall to wall trampolines in their main court, it’s easy to bound from one activity to another. Propel yourself through the air and make the perfect slam dunk on their trampoline equipped basketball court. Or use the trampolines to your advantage to try and escape being hit during dodgeball.

If you crave a little more excitement you can time yourself going through their signature obstacle course or see how long it takes before you’re thrown off the mechanical bull. They also have an area where kids under seven can safely jump and play called the Earthquake Zone so parents can feel good about letting them bound around without getting knocked around by someone ten times their size.

Velocity Air Sports

Velocity has a large indoor trampoline park that has room for everyone to bounce the day away. With Olympic sized foam pits, a flying trapeze that will fling you through the air, slack lines and aerial silks, and most importantly a kiddie court for the little ones under 48” tall to jump around safely in there are lots of new things to try!

For the ultimate thrill seeker Velocity has a Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course to challenge those who need that little something extra beyond the trampoline park. They also have a Dodgeball Stadium to add that spice of competition to your visit and an Airslam Basketball court to let you live the life of a Harlem Globetrotter here in Jax!

To wind the day down and bring everyone’s heart rates back to normal you can finish the day off at the arcade, with full-sized games the whole family can participate in.

Bravoz Entertainment Center

In Bravoz Main Jump Arena they have Air Dodgeball, Basketball Slam, and a foam pit you can launch yourself into after a hard day of bouncing around. They also offer a Ninja Warrior course that will bring out your competitive side - it gets more challenging as you progress.

If you get tired of bounding around, you can brush up on your marksmanship at their laser tag combat facility, making you feel like you’re in a real-life video game but without the couch and screen. If shooting laser beams isn’t your thing but you still want to feel a rush of adrenaline, the Leap of Faith will give it to you! Here they harness you in and have you climb to a designated height where you can step off and feel the rush of falling without the worry of impact. The Vault also gives you a rush of adrenaline when you have to get through an obstacle course of laser beams to get to the finish line, giving you the thrill of a heist without the consequences afterward. For some less thrill-seeking fun they have mini bowling lanes, a climbing wall, Snookball, an arcade, and eats café where the whole family can refuel after a long day of fun.

Pump It Up

Pump It Up is one big party for kids with the newest inflatable Vertical Rush that’s a combination of a rock wall and dual lane slides kids can’t wait to climb back up on. Get the whole family involved with an Air Hockey tournament, see who has the skills and dexterity to win overall bragging rights. Get your creative juices flowing using Imagination Blocks and build them into whatever your heart desires whether that’s a bridge, a super-secret fort, or a tower you’re just going to knock down immediately after building it.

If you have some built up energy get it all out at the Chaos Obstacle Course and time yourself to see how long it takes you to navigate your way through tunnels, climb walls, dodge obstacles, and then do it all over again racing to beat your best time. Experience what it was like to joust back in the old days in the safety of The Coliseum, where you can bound around and joust your opponent without fear of enduring any kind of medieval war wound.

Now get out there and try something on your next rainy vacation day!

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