Unique Sports: Kitesurfing

Jacksonville offers 22 miles of beaches for you to find the wind and to get out there!

Are you an avid kitesurfer looking for a new place to explore? Or, maybe you’re a beginner looking for the right place to get into the sport? Either way Jacksonville’s amazing beaches and community is the right place!


Jacksonville Beach and Huguenot Memorial Park are great locations for kitesurfing year-round. Lots of open beach, so you don’t feel like you’re in the way of other beach-goers. It’s the perfect place to get you out in the water and on to your board.

Atlantic Beach also offers a great area for beginners to take it slow. There’s always a good amount of wind in this area, and the waves break well and aren’t too choppy.

Mayport Poles at Hanna Park is known best for being a regular surf spot. During high-tide you may not see many surfers there, which is the perfect time to take advantage of the high winds and flat ocean.

Any place people get into the water is a great spot for this activity.

Kitesurfing is all about having fun and trying something different, so get out there and explore what amazing outdoor opportunities that Jacksonville has to offer!


Safety is the biggest precaution when learning how to kitesurf. You want to make sure that you have the correct equipment that will keep you safely attached to your harness, kite, and board!

There are plenty of places that will teach you how to kitesurf in the Jacksonville area letting you try out the mechanics of kitesurfing on the ground before getting you out on the water. All you need is a bit of wind, some patience and determination and you’re ready to go!

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