World of Nations Celebration

Traveling around the world in a day is so much easier during the World of Nations Celebration.

World of Nations Celebration

What Is the World of Nations Celebration?

Don't miss World of Nations-This annual international festival is North Florida's largest multicultural festival and features exhibitions and events from a variety of countries. The event has been around since 1993.


TBA for 2023


The World of Nations Celebration takes place at 225 Talleyrand Ave., Jacksonville, Florida 32202.


The celebration gives Jacksonville a chance to showcase the diverse international communities in our area. Annually, 75,000 visitors, including 12,000 children on school field trips experience the festival.

As you travel through the World of Nations Celebration, experience the cuisine, artistry and customs from lands near and far. Each "country" represented has its flag on display, at least one person speaking that country's official language, and they serve the native foods of that nation - which is our favorite part! Many play traditional music and demonstrate their style of dance or relate stories from their culture. Artwork and clothing/costumes representing the country are also exhibited. The celebration also includes the "World of Kids Playland", which features arts and crafts and other programs for children.

So grab your event passport and join us for an adventure at the World of Nations Celebration in Jacksonville!

Parade of Flags

Dressed in authentic traditional clothing, representatives from each country will offer a greeting in their native language and proudly carry their flag as they march through the event. This is a great display of the cultural diversity that makes up our city.

2023 participating countries are coming soon.

Plan your trip around the world in Jacksonville!

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