Eat & Drink in Arlington

Jacksonville's Arlington community offers a wide and diverse range of cuisines found in casual settings around the neighborhood.

Soulfood, Seafood, Mediterranean, Noodles, Middle Eastern, Mexican, BBQ - Arlington's fast-casual restaurants are home to some of the best kept food secrets in the city. While this neighborhood has no central dining district, there are tons of amazing restaurants that are worth taking the time to find.

Rice and Noodles - One of Yelp's Top 50 Place to Eat in Jacksonville, Rice and Noodles is a Korean Fusion restaurant featuring Deopbap. Deopbap is a rice bowl covered by Korean-style meat, homemade sauce and veggies. The Kimchi Jeyuk Deopbab is a great way to experience all of the great flavors of this popular Korean dish.

The Potter’s House Soul Food Bistro II - For soul food done right, the Soul Food Bistro is the place to go. It was a tough call between the fried chicken and the smothered pork chops, but the pork chops come out as king of the comfort foods.

Tabouleh Mediterranean Café - If you’re craving Mediterranean or Greek cuisine at reasonable prices, check out Tabouleh. Their Tabuloeh Rider sandwich is served in a toasted pita pocket is popular among their dedicated, local fanbase.

Catullo's Italian - Debatably one of the best places for Italian food in Jax, this food-truck-turned-restaurant has some of the most authentic dishes in town. Their Creamy Chicken Pesto features handmade pasta and a flavor-filled sauce that keeps people coming back again and again.

The Juicy Crab - The Juicy Crab offers low country boil meals to the Arlington community. Their variety of fresh seafood and seasonal crab makes this a mandatory stop in town for seafood lovers.