Black Rock Beach in Jacksonville, Florida

​Black Rock Beach at Big Talbot Island, is not only beautiful, but also a geological wonder. Discover this Found #onlyinjax spot!

Black Rock beach is one of Jacksonville's best kept secrets. This beautiful beach at Big Talbot Island Park was formed at the end of the last ice age and features geological wonders and tree skeletons - making it an otherworldly experience and a photographer's dream. Only about 3.5 percent of land in the U.S. and 4 percent of land in the entire world has the same kind of unique organic soil formations as Black Rock beach.

Don't miss this must-see while you're in Jacksonville where eerie and magical fallen oaks line the shore. Just a 20 minute drive from downtown Jacksonville, It is the perfect escape for a day trip.

Watch as our film crew explores this unique Jacksonville treasure.

How to get to Black Rock Beach from Jacksonville Florida?

Black Rock beach is only a 20 minute drive from Downtown Jacksonville. Check out the driving directions below and for more information, visit the park's website.