Go Nutz in Jax

Boiled peanuts = the best snack ever. And Randeez Nutz is the place to get them in Jax

One of my favorite southern foods is boiled peanuts. You may be wondering why would someone take a food that is perfect salted or dry roasted and boil it? To that I say, trust me – you just have to try it.

Boiled peanuts are green, freshly harvested, or raw nuts that are boiled for a set amount of time with salt, spices or anything to add flavor.

The place to get boiled peanuts in Jacksonville is Randeez Nutz Express which is owned, operated and founded by Jacksonville native and Air Force veteran Randy Waters. From humble beginnings in 2016 as a roadside tent, that the wind collapsed during his first day on the roadside, to opening his restaurant at in 2021, Randy has created more than 60 (!) flavor options of boiled peanuts.

My favorite? The regular Cajun. It has just enough heat and spice. My second favorite is a tie between garlic parmesan, an Italian inspired creation of savory garlic butter and aged Romano parmesan, and gourmet BBQ that’s traditional with a bit of sweetness. If boiled peanuts aren’t for you, Randeez has other options available. If you want to stick with Southern food, there’s fried okra, smoked turkey collard greens and fish ‘n grits. There are also traditional favorites like burgers and chicken tenders. But really, you should try the boiled peanuts.

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