It's All About "Sport Fishing"

July was, and August will be too..... Teeth Month, aboard Capt Dave's Jettywolf. From Barracuda's to Sharks, it's all about "Sport Fishing" for the BIG ONES!

I get so many emails and phone calls from people who think that one day of fishing is going to provide them with "X" many seafood meals, while the local inshore and coastal waters are 85 degrees. Sorry folks, this is the height of "Sport Fishing" season. If you're looking for action, which is the very thing I try to provide on any given day you choose, August is perfect! Realize that summer is not full of the same good eating fish I catch come November through April.

Yes, Jacksonville's waters has seasons. If you want to pursue Trout, smaller keeper sized Redfish, Sheepshead, Black Drum, then come back to Jax when the water is not so hot, but rather when it's cooler and that's during the late fall through the spring.

August is still full blown summer. It's 90 plus degree's outside and the water at the inlet, aka the Ocean, has not come close to "cooling off", just yet. But, if you're looking for BIG PULLERS, excitement, and the adventure of taking advantage of what coastal fishing has to offer--this is your game.

When is the last time you caught a 100 pound fish? And if you are an AVID Angler, would you like the chance to possibly battle a 300-500 pounder within sight of shore? As did Jeremy from Wisconsin had the chance to do in this video.

From over-sized Redfish at the inlet, to a cooler full of prime fish to fry--Whiting. Yes there's keeper fish for dinner many times, but do not base your entire vacation fishing trip being a success or not by how many fillets you'll catch. Sure, I can steer the trip in just about any direction.

But I have to tell you. No one usually calls me wanting just small fish. So have an open mind!

Capt Dave's 2 hour Kids Trips. I do them all summer long and every single trip is vacationers.

These charters are for the Kids only. Children 4-10 years of age that can't do a 6 plus hour adult fishing kind of day. Up to 4 persons, which means Mom, Dad, and the two kids can go out and have some fun in the morning. Mom and Dad help the kids handle the tackle, catch some fish, and then we can even finish up the trip with a ride behind a working Shrimp boat. There you'll see tons of Dolphins, maybe a Shark or two, Birds and best of all see where your "Fried Shrimp" lunch comes from.

August in the south means kids go back to school. But that's not everyone. If you're visiting and want to do something different for a change. Check out my 2 hour Kids fishing trip. The video included here explains a lot of what a day on the water is like.

In August, think B-I-G......From exciting Shark fishing trips, to 30 pound Redfish at the inlet, and Barracuda's on the reefs. We have plenty to stretch your string.

As for Fishing charter quality, 2-3 persons is best. I do up to 4 persons, but 4 can be a real crowd many times. The fishing is intense, action packed, and we're certainly not sitting around waiting on a bite. And all my charters, no matter if it's August or April means NO long boat rides.

I fish coastal waters, NOT far offshore waters. So we're fishing and catching within minutes of departing the dock. Not hours, after departing the dock!

Species we can catch in August:

  • Redfish (big)
  • Sharks (big and small)
  • Barracuda's
  • Spanish Mackerel
  • Croakers
  • Whiting
  • Jacks
  • Ladyfish
  • Sand Trout
  • Rays

All on live and dead baits. Take a peek at this video, Cuda's vs. Cobia day!

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