You Need to Visit Murray Hill

After The Great Fire of 1901 destroyed much of Downtown Jacksonville, development moved west and included what we now call Murray Hill.

I’ll admit, I’ve lived in Jacksonville for more than 10 years and I had never been to Murray Hill until recently. I’d heard about the sour beers at Fishweir Brewing Company and homemade poptarts at Vagabond Coffee Co., but had never taken the trip down Edgewood Ave. And I’m so glad I finally did.

Murray Hill Coffee Houses & Bakeries

I have to start my day with coffee and there are three great options in Murray Hill.

1. The Flamingo offers coffee and tea, along with some delicious looking breakfast options. It can also be a stop at the end of your day for a glass of wine or beer. They’ve partnered with Fishweir Brewing Company to create the Chai Ski, a spiced imperial brown ale brewed with chai that’s only available for a limited time.

2. Vagabond Coffee Co. roasts its own coffee several times a week for a fresh flavor. Grab a cup, and one of the famous homemade poptarts, and then head out the back door to enjoy the “hidden patio.” It’s also a great place to escape to if you need a change of scenery when working from home.

3. Community Loaves: As you’re walking down the sidewalk on Edgewood Ave, you may notice the smell of fresh baked bread. It’s coming from Community Loaves, a cafe that offers much more than coffee – handmade cinnamon rolls, cookies, quiche, sourdough breads, and more.

Hand-Crafted Sour Beer

If you prefer beer over coffee, Fishweir Brewing Company can help with that. Part of the Jax Ale Trail, Fishweir is known for its hand-crafted sour beers. When you walk in the brewery, you can see the casks where the beer is working its magic until ready to be poured. Fishweir recently opened a new outdoor event space perfect for relaxing at the end of the day or on the weekend.

get sour beers at Fishweir Brewing Company in Jacksonville
The new outdoor space at Fishweir.

Public Art: Murals & Mosaics

If you want to check out some public art and take a walk, the Murray Hill Mural Project is a fun way to keep moving. More than a dozen murals, almost all of which were painted by local artists, can be found in the neighborhood. There’s even a 3D one. Let us know if you can figure out any letters without wearing 3D glasses.

Murray Hill public art mural
The mural titled “This is going to look cool on Instagram” is by Jason Tetlak and located at 838 Edgewood Ave. S.

While on the mural tour, you’ll probably notice many colorful mosaics as well. Local artist RouxArt created them as another way to share art with the community.

mosaic in Murray Hill, Jacksonville
One of the colorful mosaics in Murray Hill.

Guided Tours

If guided tours are your thing, Tour Jacksonville offers a 2-hour walking history and mural tour of the area. Amanda is the tour guide and if you like learning little known facts while you explore an area, you’ll really enjoy her tour.

Murray Hill is a day well spent with great food and beautiful scenery. I can’t wait to go back.

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