Adams Park

  • 3419 Riverside Ave.
  • Jacksonville, Florida 32205
  • Phone: 904-630-2489
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Located in the historic Avondale neighborhood, this park is named in honor of Mimi Stockton Adams and Lee Adams to commemorate the couple's work on environmental preservation in our community. History: Adams Park is located in the historic Avondale section at the intersection of Edgewood Ave. and Oak St. The Avondale Co. deeded the park to the City in 1921, and it was named in 1973 to honor Mimi Stockton Adams (1927-71) and her husband Lee Adams (1922-71) who died in a tragic automobile accident. Mimi Adams served as the first chairman of the Jacksonville's Air Pollution Board formed in 1968, and also in many other civic organizations. Lee Adams was an internationally known artist and naturalist, who became known as the South's successor to John James Audubon for his paintings of flowers, birds, and fruits. In 1972, the City established the annual Mimi and Lee Adams Environmental Awards to recognize those who have worked to enhance and preserve the environment.