Alimacani Elementary School Park

  • 2051 S. San Pablo Rd.
  • Jacksonville, Florida 32224
  • Phone: 904-221-7101
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Acres: 5.4 This park, operated under a joint-use agreement between Duval County Public Schools and the City of Jacksonville, features many great amenities for youth athletics. Alimacani Elementary School Park is located on San Pablo Road, south of its intersection with Atlantic Boulevard and west of the Intracoastal Waterway. Alimacani was a Timucuan chief, and his tribe was living in the Indian settlement of Alimacani, now known as Fort George Island, when the first Europeans arrived in 1562. Since the school opened in 1990, it has received numerous awards for excellence and community involvement. Jan Tipton, the school’s physical education therapist, conceived a park project in 1999 to augment and improve the existing playground and athletic facilities. With much effort and funding support from City Council member Jerry Holland and private business partners, the City completed the project in three phases between 2001 and 2003. The School Board and the City have executed a joint-use agreement for the facility, which was named a City Park by the school.